Dive Lights from FWT Schulz


Made in Germany

We are proud to offer you a wide range of under water lamps  - penlights, hand lamps as well as video- and umbilical dive light systems. You will discover that we can offer you a great variety of Halogen lights, LED-lights, combinations of Halogen & LED-lights!

We assure that all dive lights, made by  Feinwerktechnik Schulz GmbH - Germany- are perfectly designed for all requirements of professional and challenging diving. Accordning to our high quality standards, FWT Schulz dive lights are used in the military field in different countries. They are designed for all kinds of under water operations - under water photography and videos - up to a depth of 200m, dependent on the type of dive light.

All underwater lights - made by FWT Schulz - consist of sea-water-resistant aluminium. Deep discharge control is included in all lamps with a rechargeable battery pack - charging is always done without memory effect! FWT Schulz GmbH gives a two-year-warranty of all their dive lights (rechargeable battery packs 1/2 year). 
FWT Schulz offers you a wide range of accessories and spare parts for all dive lights.

We have a special bonus program for shops and dealers as well for instructors. Please register first! After receiving your legitimation (trade licence, brevet, etc.) we will set up your own shopping account at FWT.